Dental Implant

dental implant diagram

“I lost my back tooth and my teeth have been shifting on that side since then.” A patient came in today to my office with this chief complaint. A dental implant would be the ideal treatment to replace his missing tooth.

It is relatively a painless procedure with predictable results. Dental implants are made of titanium and coated with materials that initiates the bone fusion to the implant piece (the process is called osteointegration). The procedure consists of two steps: First, the implant is placed in the bone. The second step, which typically takes place 3-5 months after the first step, is when the visible part of the tooth (a crown) is placed.


Missing teeth can cause teeth to shift and fracture healthy teeth. It can also create systemic health problems and malnutrition due to dietary change. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants prevents those complications in addition to the esthetic benefits. Contact your dentist to find out more about dental implants if you’re missing one or more teeth.

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