Dental Fillings in Lutherville-Timonium

Dental Fillings in Lutherville-Timonium

Protect Your Tooth Roots and Repair Cavities with Dental Fillings

Flashing a radiant, healthy smile boosts self-confidence and makes a great first impression. But tooth decay and fractures can dim your smile’s brilliance. When it comes to damaged teeth, our patients turn to Dr. George Kreisheh at Charm City Smiles for seamless, natural-looking dental fillings.

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What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings, or cavity fillings, are tooth restorations that repair tooth decay or fractures using dental materials. Dentists use fillings to restore damaged teeth to healthy form and function after removing any infection or decay.

The most common filling material is dental amalgam, an alloy of mercury, silver, tin, copper, and other metals. Other popular direct-filling options include composite resin, glass ionomer cement, and gold foil. Dr. Kreisheh matches the material’s color to your natural teeth.

Skilled dentists meticulously prepare the tooth’s damaged area before placing a sterile dental filling. With proper oral hygiene and routine dental care, quality fillings can last five to 15 years, often much longer.

What Do Dental Fillings Fix?

Dental fillings primarily treat tooth decay (dental caries) and fractures below the gum line. Telltale signs you may need a filling include:

  • Toothache or sensitivity
  • Visible holes or dark spots on teeth
  • Fractured cusps
  • Cracked or broken teeth

Left untreated, bacteria and trapped food can infect the tooth’s pulp tissue, eventually requiring a root canal or tooth extraction and replacement for long-term retention. Timely fillings help prevent further decay and costly dental work down the road.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings aim to match the original tooth’s form and function while preventing further damage. Benefits include:

  • Pain Relief: Fillings remove decayed material housing infection-causing bacteria. This eliminates sensitivity from exposure to hot and cold foods or beverages.
  • Improved Appearance: Holes, chips, cracks, and discoloration can make teeth look unsightly. Carefully matched fillings give you an evenly shaped, blemish-free smile.
  • Preserved Tooth Structure: Unlike a dental crown’s removal of considerable tooth structure, fillings conserve healthy portions of the tooth.
  • Enhanced Chewing: Fillings let you enjoy all your favorite foods without discomfort or awkward challenges chewing.
  • Low Cost: Given their conservative tooth preparation, dental fillings are affordable. Check with your dental insurance provider for your exact copay amount.

The Dental Filling Process at Charm City Smiles

Over the past 20 years, Dr. George Kreisheh has helped hundreds of Maryland-area families protect their oral health with tooth-colored fillings beautifully matched to individual smiles. His customizable approach combines meticulous attention to detail with the latest dental technology.

The Charm City Smiles filling process unfolds across three comfortable, efficient appointments:

Initial Exam

During your first visit, Dr. Kreisheh will:

  • Take X-rays to visualize all angles of affected teeth
  • Check for decay below the gum line
  • Discuss symptoms and lifestyle factors
  • Provide a detailed treatment plan with cost estimates

Tooth Preparation

Next, Dr. Kreisheh will:

  • Precisely remove decay and shape the tooth’s chamber
  • Take an impression to create temporary fillings
  • Select composite resins matching natural tooth color

Permanent Filling Placement

During your final visit, Dr. Kreisheh will:

  • Remove temporaries and check contacts
  • Ensure a precise shade match
  • Layer and sculpt the composite resin for optimal durability and aesthetics
  • Adjust your bite for seamless comfort and functionality

With regular dental cleanings and diligent oral hygiene, beautifully matched Charm City Smiles dental fillings keep your smile radiant for years.

Caring For Your Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are designed to last many years, but you play a vital role in ensuring their long-term durability and seamless look. Follow these tips to extend your fillings’ lifespan:

Practice Conscientious Oral Hygiene

Brush twice and floss once daily using proper technique, taking extra care around dental restorations. This prevents bacteria, stains, and plaque from compromising your repairs.

Attend Regular Dental Checkups

Consistent professional cleanings and exams safeguard your fillings against new decay and other threats that accelerate deterioration. Address minor issues before they require replacement.

Avoid Using Teeth as Tools

Using your teeth as a third hand for ripping, cracking, and bending can crack filling edges or loosen bonds. Protect repairs by limiting harmful habits.

Choose Tooth-Friendly Foods

Sticky candies and hard foods like ice or popcorn can pull out fillings over time. Opt for tooth-kind options whenever possible.

See Dr. Kreisheh Right Away if You Notice Changes Around a Filling

Don’t delay if you notice temperature sensitivity, pain when chewing, visible cracks, or loosened edges. Prompt attention from your dentist can often save a compromised filling. With conscientious home care and consistent professional cleanings, you can help quality dental fillings from Charm City Smiles blend beautifully while keeping your smile healthy for years of confident living and genuine smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dental fillings hurt?

You may feel some sensitivity or discomfort during injections to numb the area. The procedure itself is painless, thanks to effective local anesthesia.

Can dental fillings match my natural tooth color?

Absolutely! Dentists stock many composite resin shades to match subtle variations in natural tooth hues for seamless-looking repairs.

Do I need a filling for a minor chip or surface crack?

Surface flaws that expose underlying tooth layers to bacteria or temperature extremes often benefit from protective, stabilizing fillings to prevent further damage.

How do I know if I need a filling?

Signs you may need a filling include toothache, temperature sensitivity, visible decay spots, jagged cracked cusps, large broken pieces, uneven bite alignment, and excess food traps.

Take Your Next Step Toward a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

If it’s been more than six months since your last dental exam or you have concerns about possible tooth decay, it’s wise to request a checkup soon. Call 410-913-5700 or book an appointment online to learn more about protecting your oral health with natural-looking dental fillings elegantly matched to enhance your unique smile.