Dental Implants in Lutherville, MD

Dental implants have become the most convenient method to replace a missing tooth. Missing teeth can cause teeth to shift and fracture healthy teeth. It can also create systemic health problems and malnutrition due to dietary changes. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants prevents those complications in addition to the esthetic benefits.

At Charm City Smiles, we strive to bring the latest in dental implants to our patients to help them restore and maintain their smiles.


A nutritious diet following dental implant surgery is an essential part of a fast recovery. It is important that you maintain a diet of soft nutritious foods to help speed healing, to maintain a feeling of well-being and lessen discomfort.

A balanced diet consists of proteins, fruits, vegetables, starches and healthy fats. Whether eating a liquid diet or a soft diet after surgery, you can balance your meals to ensure you are getting adequate nutrients. Adequate dietary protein will aide in your healing process. Therefore, have protein as part of each meal, for example, in a smoothie, add a protein powder or yogurt.

Day 1:  You may not be hungry or able to chew semi-solid or solid foods due to tenderness and swelling in your mouth, however it is important to get food into your stomach (i.e. most important if you have had IV sedation).  Examples of food may include yogurt, apple sauce, jello, ice cream.  Additionally, you should attempt to receive 48 to 64 oz. (6-8 cups) of liquids daily.

For the Week Following Surgery: For the week following surgery, it is very important to eat well-balanced meals. If you eat enough of the foods your body needs every day you may heal faster and with less discomfort.

How to Eat: You may find chewing slow, difficult, and uncomfortable. It may be easier for you to eat small meals throughout the day rather than your usual 3 meals. As long as you eat the necessary amounts of food it is not important when you eat during the day.

What to Eat: In the days immediately following implant surgery, it is recommended that you eat soft food and avoid any hard food products. The following are some suggested foods from the basic food groups that will be suitable for your temporary soft diet

MILK GROUP (2 or more servings/day)

Whole, Skim milk, Buttermilk ,Yogurt ,Cottage Cheese, Ice Cream

MEAT GROUP (2 or more servings/day)

Broiled lean beef, Ground, Minced, or Pureed Meat, Soft fish, Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, Scrambled Eggs

VEGETABLES/FRUITS (4 or more servings/day)

Stewed, Pureed Fruits and Vegetables, Vegetable Juices , Soup

  • Be careful with Fruit Juices as many are acidic and may irritate the surgery site

BREAD/CEREAL (4 or more servings/day)

Hot or Cold Cereals, Cream of Wheat, Soft Bread,

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